crystal river grouper fishing report

Meanwhile, gag grouper fish are known for their large mouths that give them a wide gape when feeding. What to expect on your upcoming charter? 8000 sized spinning reels spooled with 65-80 pound braid and 80 pound leader is what you need to get these fish in the boat. 12645 W Fort Island Trail Should You Go Fishing in Crystal River in January. We get this question a lot. No v, Get my money's worth out of this one!!! While most go fish wrecks and reefs for grouper, the bottom-scape of the Crystal River shallows contain many natural features that draw this species in. Now one might think that targeting Grouper in such shallow water would mean catching smaller fish, and while some fish are smaller, some of the largest Grouper we catch throughout the year come from these shallow depths. These are limestone formations that are not found in this many of a number anywhere along the Gulf coast except here. Contact Fish Hunter Tours and Captain Bryan Frechette for a great fishing trip. Email Us! Keep up the sunscreen and watch the weather because it can change in an hour. 9340 W Fort Island Trail Really good fighting fish. This will help you identify them when its time to go out on your fishing trip. Every cold front pushes another wave of fish into the area. Although not as durable, frozen baits can get the job done as well. Try casting around these areas and luring in grouper with baits such as shrimp or squid strips. The waters can be choppy on the boat ride to fishing site. However, in Crystal River Florida it does! Or looking for where to fish in your own vessel? We will be back., Irene Rubin Fort worth, Texas Great Guide- Great Fishing, Matt A. from Kill Devil Hills, NC I mean, capt. Trolling Rapala Xraps or other hard baits across the top of the structure can produce very well by keying in on the Groupers aggression and triggering a reaction strike. The best Grouper fishing found along Crystal River and Homosassa can be found along the shallow waters of our Foul Area also known as the Old Bombing Range. The redfish and trout where great for dinner. Richard P. from PA. Our group had a blast with Capt. 2023 Why Fishing in Crystal River, FL is One of the , Crystal River Fishing Reports: May Recap and Wh, While fishing the Inshore waters of Crystal River the options are endless. As December and the year 2022 come to an end; we can't help but savor the incredible year High Octane Charters has had. Pinfish are one of the most commercially important species in many areas of the world. Big spinning reels or conventional reels spooled up with a 60-80lbs braid paired with a 60-80lbs leader will give you the upper hand in putting these fish in the boat. Crystal River is home to a unique shallow-water grouper fishery that is home to an extremely healthy population of gag grouper. Grouper fishing in Crystal River is typically done by bottom fishing with live bait, and the best time to fish for grouper is during the cooler months. Its that time of year again where anglers from all over the world descend onto the flats of Crystal River and Homosassa looking to accomplish one goal/life long quest: CATCH A BIG ASS TARPON ON FLY! Pinfish are very good eating fish and are often caught using fishing lines and hooks. Great fishery, things heat up in the warmer monthes.. April is stormy and unpredictable. Great weather and great fishing. Although they are small, pinfishes can be quite tasty. Youll ride along with an experienced captain ensure that the trip is safe and enjoyable. Rock piles, ledges, or any underwater structure is a great place for a grouper to be hiding waiting for his next meal. Our miles of hard rocky bottom provides an ideal habitat for these fish. You can expect tight lines and great fishing here in crystal river I look forward to seeing you on the water and tight lines. The main tried and true bait that gag grouper simply can't pass up is the trusty pinfish. Crystal River Grouper Fishing If you ever wondered about one of the best grouper fishing opportunities in the state of Florida, wonder no more. But it is worth it to find the fish! Back in early 60's the US Navy used our coastal waters to test dummy MK 82 bombs and Mk 76 smoke bombs. At the same time, they are some of the best-tasting fish in the ocean and most do just fine with a cooler full of these two. #realsal, God! Offering up to datefishingtips,scallopingstrategies, productive areas and hot baits. Florida Fishing Adventures. So no matter when you decide to go, youll always have plenty of fish to catch. They are most abundant in tropical to subtropical waters. Generally, 65-80 pound braided main line and 80-100 pound leader gets the job done. The Crystal River can be really shallow, so make sure you're out with an experienced captain. Get a bite to eat at Grannies Country Cookin Restaurant. Copyright Reel Florida Fishing Charters 2019-2021, Crystal River Little League Opening Day!!! Along the expansive grass flats here, rock formations make up nearly half of the bottom structures. Check out our June Fishing Report to learn the inside tips and tricks to catching grouper. Captain Jayce is the go-to gag grouper fishing charter captain in Crystal River, FL. Some reservations may require a deposit. Trolling lures are a great way to effectively cover ground and key in on the aggressive instinct of these strong fighters. As extreme, A private scallop charter in Crystal River, Florida is the perfect activity for a group of friends looking to relax, connect and enjoy some quality time in the beauty of, Fishing & Scalloping Charter PricingGroups larger than 4 (for fishing) and larger than 6 (for scalloping) can be accommodated with another captain(s) if requested. Copyright Reel Florida Fishing Charters 2019-2021, Crystal River Little League Opening Day!!! But just off its shores is a series of freshwater springs that attract numerous different species of fish from all over the Gulf Coast every year. Keep in mind that you dont want to set the hook when you use circle hooks. Some days we start by locating the fish with large chunks of mullet strategically placed all along the mangrove island bank, once we find the fish we hone in on that location and get to Catching. When it comes to gag grouper fishing in Crystal River, you need to have the right tackle ready to go. Casey is a god, basically the best fisherman ever. Mostly considered an offshore species, juvenile gags mature in bays and deeper grass flats close to . Bring a hat and sunblock and a good attitude, there's gold here!!! What Fish Are Biting in Crystal River, FL, While fishing the Inshore waters of Crystal River the options are endless. You've probably seen it on TV or you've seen it on YouTube: shallow water grouper fishing puts Crystal River on the map. Learn all about the different snapper varieties here. Grouper has a subtle taste and it is not overly fishy. The Gulf Coast of Florida experienced a devastating weather event earlier this month when Hurricane Ian made land fall off the coast of Fort Myers Beach as a near category 5 storm. Once you find the school, live pinfish has been a great bait to keep these fish fired up. October is prime time for inshore and nearshore fishing in the Crystal River area of Florida. Regardless of the method you choose, you can do a few things to improve your chances of catching a grouper fish. Drink water!! 12645 W Fort Island Trail The captain can also offer bait if needed. You can expect great red fishing especially in the early mornings and late afternoons, live bait and top waters have been a few key baits to get the job done. Let's start by saying grouper can be caught 365 days a year out of Crystal River, but the absolute best bite occurs during the fall as these large grouper push in closer to shore as our waters cool. Cool mornings with warm afternoons making for a great fishing environment is what we live for. . All you have to do is pay for the charter. Whats not to love about warm sunny days and ice-cold celebratory cocktails? facebook; youtube; instagram; 352-601-1963; . Gag grouper season runs June 1st-December 31st. We initially said hunt because thats exactly what fishing for grouper is like. Most of our Grouper Fishing is done anywhere from 8-30 of water. Learn all about it in our Oct fishing report. The gag groupers mouth can also open up wider than most other fish because it has muscles that allow it to expand and contract. S from Cincinatii, OH Had a great time on the water and caught fish for dinner. I always tell my clients the first three cranks are the most important, if you can get three cranks, most of the time you already have that fish coming to the boat. Another way to target Grouper is with trolling plug. We talked to a local angler who knows everything there is to know about catching these creatures in the waters of Crystal River. Happy Holidays Anglers. Looks though our reports or subscribe to our reports! 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The odd predicament left the docile . Summer time mangrove snapper fishing is always a target to keep the rods bent free lining live shrimp in 10-20 feet you can expect mangroves from 2-5lbs along with grunts, hogfish and the occasional grouper. 8/0 to 10/0 circle hooks typically work great. It is this combination of structure, food, and temperate waters that bring gag grouper into the Crystal River inshore fishery. The two most popular species of grouper and snapper in Crystal River are Gag Grouper and Mangrove Snapper. Thats why so many people decide to go fishing for grouper in Crystal River! Fishing charters take anglers out along the Crystal River to catch gag grouper. Usually those words are the precursor for a story of struggles or How many of you enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee to get you going before you start the day? There are many colors and patterns of grouper fish, but they are all characterized by large scales. Theres a reason they call is Red October. Schools of large upper slot and overslot redfish line the outer islands of the St. Martins Keys making for extremely fun sight fishing opportunities in crystal clear water. A fishing charter is a great way to enjoy a day out with friends or family while catching fish at the same time. If youre not an experienced angler and want to catch fish in a short period of time, then the best option for you is going on a fishing charter. Experience Crystal River waters with a licensed & insured local -- Captain Brandon Branch. Are you looking to go gag grouper fishing this fall? Trying to decide what time of year to book a trip? They were a good size and plentiful enough to keep us busy. All of the great guides here at Reel Florida Fishing Charters hope that 2022 was a prosperous year for everyone and we wish all of you the very best going into 2023. There are several ways to catch a grouper fish from shore. An unusual water rescue was staged in a Florida river after witnesses reported a discarded fishing lure had somehow pinned a manatee's flipper to its face. Be sure to lock down the drag and hold on tight as these fish will give it everything they got to get you down in the rocks. CRYSTAL RIVER FISHING REPORT Covering the inshore and offshore waters of Florida's Big Bend. Redfish, Snook, Speckled Trout, and Gag Grouper are all biting well this time of year, and the weather is usually cooperative, with sunny days and mild temperatures. These grouper, Another awesome day chasing tailing Redfish along, Good times today with the family here in Crystal R, Talk about a fun day!!!! When to Catch Grouper in Crystal River One of the Florida Gulf Coast's greatest fishing experiences is found in Crystal River. Gag grouper fish will often hide in crevices, under ledges, or among rocks and coral. Battle some of the hardest fighting fish in Florida all while experiencing the beauty of the Nature Coast on your guided fishing trip. If you are itching to hook a gag grouper or 10, one of the best ways to begin is by going on a fishing charter in Crystal River. A live bait, such as a pinfish, is grouper candy and is hard for them to resist. While there are many opinions out there on what that might be, we like to use pinfish for grouper bait. These fish are extreme tackle testers so you better be ready for the battle with some high quality gear and some beefed up tackle. . I honestly cant say that I blame those fun loving beachgoers for wanting to soak up some sun during the spring break season here in Florida. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We got into the trout and found some to take home, then switched gears and went hunting for reds and they delivered! For species such as Grouper, Red Snapper, Snook and Redfish. open menu Crystal River Sport Fishing Sport Fishing Slip 12645 W Fort Island Trail Crystal River, FL 34429 Map/Directions (813) 486-4642 Hours Always Open Reviews As the water temperature starts to drop into the low 70s, the Grouper start to swim (migrate) their way east. The mackerel bite was on ? They can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean, as well as here in Crystal River, Florida. The weather this year has provided challenges and opportunities to change up our tactics and find fish in places where they maybe wouldnt have been in a normal" season. The grouper season here opens on 1 June. These locations are expansive flats with a unique ecology that draws in this awesome species of grouper. The trout fishing has slowed down with warmer temperatures we have been fishing from 12-16 feet slow jigging mirrolure little johns in . This is the time of year to start making plans and getting your spot locked in for this fishing opportunity. This small town with just over 3,000 residents might not seem like the type of place where youll find world-class fishing. February 19, 2023. June is primarily dedicated to Gag Grouper, as it is one of our most popular species to target. As for the Redfishing here in Crystal River, it couldnt be any better. for goliath grouper in Crystal River prices can range anywhere from $400 to $600, but the average price for a full day for goliath grouper in Crystal River is $500. Summer time mangrove snapper fishing is always a target to keep the rods bent free lining live shrimp in 10-20 feet you can expect mangroves from 2-5lbs along with grunts, hogfish and the occasional grouper. Florida Fishing Adventures. Caught trout, Spanish mackerel, and red fish. Summer time is our rainy season. Nick Warrington Sep 16, 2021 A look into the best grouper fishing in the state of Florida You've probably seen it on TV or you've seen it on YouTube: shallow water grouper fishing puts Crystal River on the map. Crystal River, FL 34429. Lost of options around the "millions" of islands and offshore rock piles.. Pete's Pier is a great place to launch from and Hampton Inn and Plantation On Crystal River are very close by. With water temps in the 70's fishing in 10-30' of water has been very good and as it continues to cool off we only expect it to get better. Yes, but be careful of the oyster bars if running your own boat. The largest grouper fish recorded weighed almost 700 pounds! A pinfish is a small, edible fish with a long, narrow body, a small head, and prominent pectoral fins. The weather here in Crystal River this time of year is what we all dream of. Come out with Finders Keepers Charters and try to catch these tasty fish on light to medium tackle either bottom fishing or trolling lipped plugs. If you choose to go fishing for grouper in Crystal River on a charter boat, your captain can help you hook the grouper of a lifetime! I would have never ever caught any of these massive reds with out his expertise. And good to eat. Welcome Spring Breakers!!! These young wranglers kept the rod, bent all day. Grouper are heavy fish and put up a good fight, so you want equipment that can withstand the stress without breaking. Including Homosassa, Ozello, Crystal River, Yankeetown, Waccasassa, and Cedar Key. They are intelligent and fast-moving, so catching them takes some skill. While most anglers may think that targeting Grouper typically requires a long run offshore to deeper waters, many would be surprised to learn that the Nature Coast of Florida is the epicenter for targeting Gag Grouper in shallow water.